New Sage MOD rod, Sage CLICK reel and Aquasoul DVD just added.

For all the gear junkies out there, we’ve just added the new Sage MOD medium-action fly rods to stock, and the new 2016 Sage CLICK large arbour reel. We’ll be testing out the Sage Mod over the next month, and I’ve already bought myself a CLICK reel for my go-to trouting. The new design is aesthetically brilliant, and the larger-arbour (compared to the previous model) is a really great idea for smoother retrieves. We’ve also added an excellent new film called Aquasoul, filmed entirely in Australia and featuring Peter Morse and Brett Wilson. Check out the preview below:


PREDATOR and Low and Clear – fly fishing dvd’s now in stock

Hot off the press is Nick Reygeart’s latest fly fishing film, Predator. There’s no aliens or 1980’s action stars in this film, just big fish, smashing big flies.

If you’re after one of the most beautifully filmed fly fishing dvd’s getting around, check out another new dvd in stock, Low & Clear. Shot in documentary style, Field and Stream Magazine described this as ‘the best fly fishing film ever’.


Jazz and Fly Fishing DVD – Now in stock

Jazz and Fly Fishing, the crowd favourite of last year’s Rise Fly Fishing Film Festival, have just released their first DVD. Featuring 9 episodes of Jazz and Fly Fishing themed stories, expect some quirky fly fishing, cool spring creeks, and smooth tunes. The only downside: the manditory Scandanavian sauna scene.

Jazz and Fly Fishing is now available from FlyShop 1864