Fly fishing Tasmania – Hatch Chart November 23


The past week has saw hatch activity really pick up in Tasmania. Frogs are still going in the highlands, complemented by gum beetles and midges. Reports of duns have been sparse, but the hatches are starting to trickle through. Flooding on the lowland rivers has held fishing off on the South Esk and Macquaire systems, while the Meander, Mersey, St Pats and North Esk have all fished well. Small black spinners, baetids and snowflake caddis have all been hatching, along with flying ants. Tooms and Crescent are still popular for big fish hunters, but it’s been hard to go past the Western Lakes for prime conditioned fish, and high lake levels.

Feel free to give us a call if you have any fly fishing questions, we can steer you towards the best waters, and supply you with the best flies (all tied in Tasmania)!

Thanks, Daniel, Simone and the RiverFly 1864 team.


Fly Fishing Tasmania – Hatch Chart Sep 29

Here’s the latest Tasmanian fly fishing hatch chart! River heights are still very re-active to rain, but the best days are producing excellent nymph fishing, and a few on the dries. We’ve landed a few sea-runners, with peak action expected over the next month. Frogs have started on many of the lakes, and larger than average fish have been tailing on snails out west. Duns have started at Four Springs!

fly fishing Tasmania Hatch chart Sept 29

Fly Fishing Tasmania Hatch Chart – March 9 2016

Current Tasmanian fly fishing conditions: Warm and humid conditions have continued into March, creating periods of great tailing and slicks on the lakes, and baetid hatches on the rivers. River levels in general are good, while Great Lake, Arthurs and Woods Lake on the plateau are very low. Great news from our experiences this week were large amounts of cinnamon jassids, and smaller amounts of black and red jassids and gum beetles on the lakes (including Western Lakes).

Our Spinner Damsel fly continues to perform really well, proving to be a ‘hatch breaker’ on hard to catch river and lake fish, and damsel leapers in general. New in stock are Trout Hunter leaders and tippet material, which have really impressed us with strength to diameter, as well as aggressive leader tapers which are perfect for Tasmanian conditions. Redington Classic Trout rods are now in stock, and at ~$250 mark are brilliant value, medium action fly rods. There is even a six-piece travel version! One of our favourite saltwater rods is also now stocked, the Scott Meridian, along with some Airflo Flats Master lines which we used for a week in Hinchinbrook recently. All new stock will be online later today.

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hatch chart 9 march 2016