Blue Damsel

A huge thanks to all of the fly fishers that use our custom 1864 trout patterns. We are super proud of our patterns, and it is exciting to hear about all the places that our flies get to (as far away as Colorado and Mongolia!). Unfortunately we are a victim of our own popularity, and simply can’t keep up with our orders in a timely fashion throughout the peak season when we are focussed on guiding. So that we can keep tying for our customers, and make sure that they are stocked up for each season in advance, our fly shop is now seasonal. That means orders are open from 1 May to August 31 each season. If you are planning on ordering any of our custom flies, now is the last chance before we head off to our full time guiding season from September 1. Our fly range can be viewed here thank you  and all orders will be shipped by the end of September.


Happy fishing, and see you on the water for our 20th season!



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