Thank you Daniel


My dad is raving about his day to us! 

Is there anywhere were I could give you a positive review? 

Thrilled that he could have a day out doing something like this that he loves.

Kind Regards, Kim



Dear Dan, now back in the UK…will you pass my thanks onto Peter?  I thought he was fantastic and I had a really good day!

Hopefully will come back to Tasmania and do some more fishing with you.

All the best


Great trip by the way. Marc has been going to the highlands since he was 14 (22 years), he said to me on the flight home that it was his best trip ever! Thanks again.

I really enjoyed every aspect of the campout… I think the four of us tended to forget that we were well into our seventies and were no longer as agile as you and Pat. …I thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the rain sipping whisky and eating dinner, knowing that both myself and my gear were dry and would remain so. I have nothing but admiration for the way you and Pat could prepare delicious meals.

Thanks again for an interesting visit to the Launceston area. We did as much talking as fishing and it was interesting to hear your insights. I’d like to send your contact info to some friends and include the photo, if it came out o.k., of the big brown trout.
It’s hot and dusty here in Darwin – it will take a few days to come down from our trip.
Take care, Roy.

Thank you Daniel and Simone,
We really did have a lovely day! And if the rest of your team are like Patrick, you are very lucky indeed and will be very successful in business!
Looking forward to coming again sometime in the not too distant future and will bring the children as well…. they’ll love it!
In the meantime, will try and get in some practice up here…
Take care, and thanks again!

Hello Daniel,
About a month ago you took Helene and myself fly fishing. We both wanted to say what a great time we had with you wading the streams.
The weather was lovely , the food and everything you provided for the day was great. While Helene booked the day for me , as she had not fly fished before, I’m pretty certain she’ll be back. We both thoroughly enjoyed it very much and look forward to doing it again with you.

Thank you for 3 brilliant days of fishing. Great memories.
Thanks for the preview snaps and really look forward to the cd.

I would love to return to either or both of those rivers in the future and will certainly be in touch again to retain your services. In my
opinion you do it well, I learned and saw so many new things.
Please pass these sentiments on to Greg as well.
Thanks for everything, Steve

The wilderness camp is a triumph!

What a fantastic way to enjoy the Western Lakes, just a short hike into a fabulous base camp with the luxuries of home, then fish for wild brownies virtually on the door step of your hut. Can’t wait to get back to have another crack at those fussy feeders, finding them is one thing, catching them is another. A unique experience, not to be missed!

Hey Daniel,

A quick note to say how much I enjoyed our day on Brumbies and how you, despite my pedestrian casting, put me onto all those good fish (still sorry about that big one I missed – you worked so hard to get me there and then, too slow on the strike. Damn!)

But 2.75lbs in the net ain’t nothing to complain about; nor were all the other fish who took that sweet, Red Pheasant Spinner of yours. But, more than the memories of a great day catching lots of fish, what I brought home was your simple tips on how to fix my casting problems. I’ve been practising so next time I join you, them fish better watch out!


Richard Mortlock

Thanks for guiding us on the South Esk last week. We had a great day and have already started planning our next trip. And a big thanks to Peter as well. We had a great day on the Mersey getting plenty of fish and mostly on the dry.

Hi Daniel, Thanks for the trip last week.  I reckon I learnt a lot (again) – just can’t get all those missed opportunities out of my mind.  Never mind, the company made up for it.  Can you pass this on to Greg for me, as i don’t have his e-mail address.

Hi Daniel, we had a great two days with Peter on the Esk and Mersey – please pass on our thanks – Peter was great company and a patient teacher.

Back at work now – but scheming to get into the Snowies more this year – only managed 1 day last year – too busy with work, study and kids.

We’ll let you know when we’re back in Tassie.

Hi Dan,


Just wanted to thank you for everything you and Greg did to make our trip.

You’ve really opened my eyes to what’s possible in lake fishing and I learnt more

in three days than I would have in ten years of bumbling along by myself.


It’s a real pleasure to fish with someone who is as passionate about it as you and I wish

I could describe how good it feels to catch one with you looking on and offering so

much encouragement.


I’m not used to casting without much line outside the rod tip, (obviously), and it’s so embarrassing

to f..k up a cast when you’ve worked so hard to find a fish for me.

I don’t care if I miss fish on my own, but I hate letting you down.

Yesterday I was out in the backyard casting to imaginary fish with one foot of flyline

out and really thinking about accuracy.

Next time we go, I’ll be more prepared.

I’ll still panic, but muscle memory might be better.


I really enjoyed sharing the experience with Steve & James. My favourite moment of the trip was

not actually a fish I caught. The one that James caught at lunchtime that I’d spotted, and we were

all there to share it, will be the one that I remember longest I think.


Pencil me in for a Lake Ina trip next season if you’ve got space!


Mike H, November 2016


Thank you for the prompt filling of my order for size 16 Glister Brushes, which arrived by post on Tuesday. Very neatly tied, and 5 more than the 12 I had ordered! Thanks again; Keith H, Hobart, June 2017