Late summer fishing report

Summer fly fishing in Tasmania has seen the whole suite of La Nina weather patterns, from scorching hot to cool and wet. This has led to hot and cold fishing each day, but better than average size fish which has been great. We are fishing hoppers two to three times a week, mixed with caddis and mayfly which are going well on the small streams. The north-east streams are starting to really come on as things begin to dry, while the Mersey and Meander are running low and clear, but less predictable for hatches. The Western Lakes are equally mixed, with the smaller tarns featuring quite low levels, whilst the larger waters have good heights; they both have very healthy conditioned fish in common, along with good black spinner numbers.

Moving closer to autumn and conditions are really suiting baetid mayfly on the small and medium streams, and late afternoon damsel fishing. Our favourite flies are currently the 1864 Blue Damsel, Scruffy and Black and Peacock patterns.

Western Lakes fly fishing – wild trout

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