Damsel flies…


Each season we look to develop a new fly pattern. One that’s easier to tie, and easier and more effective to use than all the rest, a sort of continuous improvement. The Fastwater Dun, Scruffy and Mini-WMD Hopper are all brilliant flies that have resulted from this process. Our favourite fly of summer 2015/16 is the latest pattern to be developed from a year of testing and tweaking, and we think it’s time to let the secret out. We’ve named it the Spinner Damsel, a mark of its lineage which goes back to our super deadly Pheasant Tail Spinner, crossed with a blue damselfly. It’s been a secret killer for a couple seasons now, with one customer using it as his go-to Brumbys Creek fly, while we’ve trialled it across the Mersey, South Esk and Western Lakes, with equally great results. So if you are looking for a brilliant damsel fly pattern, look no further. Want some proof? Check out this awesome image from RiverFly 1864 guide Peter Broomhall, who captured the moment that two fish raced to eat the one fly!

damsel feeders copy

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