Fishing Season by Philip Weigall – the review

Fishing Season by Philip Weigall

Fishing Season by Philip Weigall

Earlier in the month I revealed that Philip Weigall, one of Australia’s favourite fishing authors, was about to release a new book. I think we may have even scooped Phil’s own website  on the announcement!

Well, my pre-press copy arrived last week, and I’ve had a chance to give it a read. Here’s what to expect:

Fishing Season is typical Weigall fare, which will be music to the ears of many. The stories are short and extremely well crafted, full of creative and vibrant writing—Phil’s passion for the fly fishing life leaks through his stories, though order and strict style in his writing may leave readers feeling a little homogenised at times. I doubt it though, as Phil’s well-honed style is tried and tested, and Fishing Season is true to his reputation as a leading fly fishing author in Australia.

As the title suggests, the stories in Fishing Season are compiled and presented to a seasonal tune—winter, spring, summer and autumn. Indeed for myself, the seasonality of fly fishing is one of its great attractions (it did inspire my own book In Season Tasmania – A Year of Fly Fishing Highlights). This theme however is fairly loose, with plenty of welcomed stories slid-in to the format where appropriate. Overall, this collection of short stories is solid, and should find its way into plenty of Father’s Day gift boxes (this is when you can expect to find it in your bookstores).

My favourite story? Trout Gallery—wonderfully descriptive writing, perhaps a bit freer in its style which only helps to convey Phil’s love of trout, the world over. Most questionable entry? Rod and Line—a bit dry and instructional, it seemed out of place with the other stories.

Fishing Season is beautifully produced by Exisle Publishing, and includes an assortment of water-colour drawings by Trevor Hawkins, another Australian fly fishing icon. Read a sample chapter yourself here.

Pre-order your copy of Fishing Season through FlyLife Magazine Online Shop here

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