Flood Feeders

Lake Huntsman flood feeder

After another wet week in Tassie, the flood fishing is beginning to peak. The past couple of days were spent guiding on flooding lakes and rivers, where trout foraged in newly flooded margins, predominantly in search of drowned earthworms. Mid-mornings were the best time for catches, but as the water temperatures rise, the early morning action should also increase.  Waters to watch over the next three weeks will include the middle and upper Macquarie (if the nearly-filled Tooms Lake spills, the Macquarie River should feature some great flooded-margin fishing), Lake Huntsman and Lake Echo (as it approaches the 4.0m – 5.0m from full level). Of course, the famed Nineteen Lagoons will be on everybodys list to target, once the road gate at Lake Augusta opens.

We’ve used a number of patterns over the past few days, included The Earthworm and Fuzzle Bugger, however, our unweighted Mk2 Woolly Buggers proved to be the best patterns on slightly hesitant trout. These can be found at our webshop, and tying instructions are included in our new fly tying booklet, Fly Cards.

Fly Cards by Daniel Hackett

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