‘Fly Cards’ and ‘Western Lakes’ release dates

With the feverish final touches being applied to our ‘Fly Cards’ fly tying booklet and ‘Western Lakes’ limited edition print, we now have details of the release dates:

Western Lakes—we expect to post these this Thursday (1 July)!

Fly Cards by Daniel Hackett – these should be in the hands of Australia Post on the 16th July. Get the vice ready!

We’ve received E-mails asking what fly patterns are going to be in Fly Cards? Without giving too much away, here’s a few of our favourite included patterns:

Possum Emerger (one of the best loch-style patterns) ♦ Shaving Brush (the best mayfly pattern ever!) ♦ WMD Hopper ♦ Fastwater Caddis ♦ Fastwater Dun (our favourite river fly) ♦ Pheasant and Peacock Nymph ♦ The Earthworm (one of the funnest fly patterns)

To pre-order a copy of Fly Cards or our large Western Lakes print, just use the Fly Shop icon to your right. Credit Card and PayPal payments are both accepted.


Thanks, Daniel and Simone.

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One comment

  • sid lewis September 11, 2010  

    gooday to in season crew have got my fly cards what a great idea easy to use. i am new to fly tying and i cant wait to get home and start tying flies every day using the cards.i am visiting tassie next march to fish great lakes area,so i will have a great selection to start with.i work in the mines in WA and fly out tuesday to fish our trout season in the south west,i am going to try some of these patterns over here and see how they go.have a great season.cant wait for next batch of fly cards. sid lewis