Come and join us at Fly Fest 2015 – RiverFly 1864′ annual community fly fishing event

We are excited to include the following events on May 8th and 9th:

For the first time ever, the IF4 fly fishing film fest , presented by April Vokey- FlyGal Ventures will be showing in Launceston. When: Friday evening, May 8th. Where: Village Cinemas Launceston. Pre-film party at the RiverFly 1864 with Daniel, Simone and April, 100mts around the corner from the cinema at 29 The Kingsway. More information & ticket release soon.

Interesting in building one of the coolest rods around? Join rod maker and casting instructor extraordinaire Carl McNeil (of Swift Fly Fishing) for an EPIC rod building workshop, & fibreglass casting session. When: Saturday May 9th, 2015. Most of you will know that Carl is the guy behind those gorgeous Epic fibreglass rod kits. We are extremely lucky to have him in Launceston to offer his expertise for a once off rod building workshop, for any customer that purchases an Epic rod kit from RiverFly 1864. The casting session will be free of charge. Where: and held at our private fishery at Josef Chromy Vineyard. Please send me an email to arrange your purchase and entry into the rod building class, or register your free attendance at the casting session.

Along with our fibreglass casting workshop, Daniel and Simone Hackett will be running a F.O.C Rod Demo/Field Test at Josef Chromy Wines Saturday May 9th. Please register to attend. Rods on offer for demo are: Circa, One, ESN, Method and Grace from Sage, Helios 2 from Orvis, Epic fibreglass 5 weight, and Scott Radians.

More info to come over the next couple of weeks. Thanks, Dan and Simone.



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