Fly Fishing Tasmania – end of season mini-report

Mayflies, midgers and tailers are all current highlights as the brown trout season comes to an end. The South Esk continues to have excellent black spinner falls and baetid dun hatches, with a few hours of rising trout being found most days (excepting frontal-weather system days). The Lower Meander still has the odd hopper feeder, and occassional baetid sippers, and the Lower Macquarie still features sporadic afternoon red spinner falls, and foam-line sippers.

Up in the highlands and we have had some great midge and tailing trout feeders at Bronte Lagoon, and literally hundreds of fish to target at Pine Tier Lagoon.

These end-of-season sightfishing highlights are the norm for Tassie. Target the stable weather and sheltered waters, and have a great end to the season.


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