Fly fishing tasmania – opening week 2012

Craig with an early season trout from Brumbys Creek.

The past week and a half since the Tasmanian fishing season opening day has seen days of snow alternating with perfect blue sky days. We’ve fished Brumbys Creek, the Meander River, and Lake Hunstman over the past four days, with fish each day (including on Sunday, when Simone outfished us all!). Cold water temperatures have meant that the fish are harder to temp, and tailers have been absent, but the fish we’ve caught have been in excellent condition. Wild brown trout in Brumbys Creek are the healthiest that I’ve seen in ten years of guiding, and with continuing high and clear flows, the season looks like it will be pretty exceptional.

The fly of the week has been our Fuzzle Bugger ties, fished almost deadrift in the current, and amongst weedy runnels and potholes.

Another young and fat trout from Brumbys Creek

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