Fly fishing Tasmania weekly report and hatch chart – Sep 14 2015

What a ripper past few days for fly fishing in Tasmania! I was lucky enough to get on to the Derwent River for a few hours on Friday evening and Saturday morning, landing my first sea runner for the season, along with some mullet and Australian salmon. The silver bullet (sea-runner) was harassing juvenile mullet and whitebait, and a simple B.M.S. style fly did the trick; we have the exact same ones tied up and ready to go in the shop. Further north and it was great to see trout sipping ants on the Elizabeth River, along with a few early mayfly spinners. The first mayfly hatches of the season will without doubt be this week. Our mate Phil Ackerley bicycled out to the Western Lakes and had five fish on for the session, all super-strong and good condition. Further west and the water temps are slightly cold, so we’ll leave them for an extra fortnight. If this fishing isn’t good enough for you, then perhaps a fifteen-pounder from Lake Crescent might fit the bill (if you don’t mind dirty-water), or some north coast sea-runners in the Forrester or Mersey. Grab your fishing gear and get on the water, it’s a great week for it!

Fly fishing Tasmania - hatch chart Sept 14

Fly fishing Tasmania – hatch chart Sept 14


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