Fly fishing Tasmania – whitebait feeders!

On a whim I ran away from all commitments in search of fun, adventure and the river. I found all this, settled in only to stumble across one of those rare events that takes your breath away. The river was different. It was calm, its surface unbroken – not a fish nor an insect in sight. Yet there was a sense of reason for all this – the fish had moved. If we stayed we would have been bitterly disappointed, instead we chose to seek out these fish and their new hunting ground. Not far but tucked away we found all the fat fish we ever dreamed of. All hard against the banks rounding up whitebait and gorging themselves. The trout were finning and tailing, often full backs out of the water. Large fish were fighting for their territory and bullying those weaker and smaller. It was a sight to see. It was not only hard to know which fish to target, but how to cast at them into their very creative hiding holes. Brilliant few days chasing these guys with fellow RiverFly guide Peter Broomhall. Photo also by Peter Broomhall.

Thanks for listening – go run out on a whim! Simone Hackett


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