FlyLife Magazine Winter 2015 – out now

FlyLife Magazine #80 has just arrived in store, celebrating its 20th anniversary! Well done to Rob and Libby Sloane, and the rest of the FlyLife Magazine team who have maintained the highest standard of any fly fishing magazine, globally, for two decades. Both Simone and I have been really lucky to write for the mag, and can vouch for the huge amount of work that goes into each individual article behind the scenes.

Issue #80 includes:

  • Polaroiding Rivers tips and tricks, written by myself. This is a really accessible article, that al anglers can follow to improve their fishing, and make it more exciting to boot.
  • Three great articles on saltwater – one on chasing Aussie permit (which is high on my to-do list) by Dougal Rillstone, one on introducing kids to salt by Leon Normore (a really well thought out piece), and the other on twenty years of fly fishing history by Peter Morse.
  • ‘Big trout’ articles on New Zealand mouse feeders, as well as the Tongariro winter run.
  • The usual Latest and Greatest gear, editorials, short stories and gear reviews.

Drop in store to puck up a copy.


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