Greg French – Managerie of False Truths Book launch Launceston


Menagerie of False Truths


After doing the rounds on national radio and print-press, including an hour-long interview on ABC Radio (available on podcast), Greg French is launching his first novel Menagerie of False Truths this Friday at Petrarchs Bookstore, Launceston:


Petrarchs Bookshop

on behalf of

Greg French

invites you to the launch of



A book about the human condition which confronts head on subjects like friendship and family, depression, faith, illness and autism.

The main character Jack’s world of doubts and depressions is tempered by a fascination for the natural world and a passion for fishing, wild places and literature.

The author grew up in a family that embraced the whole spectrum of autism disorders, and he draws upon his formative years, his passion for nature and his love of storytelling to deliver a delightfully quirky “factional” read.



When: 6:30 p.m. Friday, 30th July, 2010

Where: Petrarchs Bookshop, 89 Brisbane St, Launceston.

RSVP: Thursday 29th July to Petrarchs Bookshop

Phone: 63 31 80 88 Email:


Copies may be reserved for signing if you are unable to attend.

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