Menagerie of False TruthsGreg French is one of Australia’s most successful fly fishing authors: his guidebook Tasmanian Trout Waters is regarded as ‘the bible’ of Tasmanian fly fishing destinations, whilst his collection of short stories Frog Call was a best seller. Other works included the well-recieved Artificial, and the contribution of a foreword to In Season Tasmania—A Year Of Fly Fishing Highlights by Hackett and Harris. With this in mind, it’s exciting news that Greg has just completed his first novel, titled Menagerie of False Truths .

What should readers expect? Well, I’m told not to expect a fishing book; expect a passionate literary work. From the media release:

Exploring themes of life and death, friendship and family, perception, societal norms and the environment, Menagerie of False Truths promises to be the most compelling book you’ll read this year.

In Menagerie of False Truths Greg French, author of the muchloved Frog Call, draws on his passion for nature, his love of story-telling and a family history that was both dysfunctional and, crucially, formative due to his growing up with autistic siblings and emotionally distant mother. The result is a delightfully quirky ‘faction’ read, which questions the very nature of reality and human relationships.

The autobiographical character Jack shares the author’s unique insights into the incredible complexity and beauty of the natural world, borne of a lifetime exploring the unforgettable wilderness that is Tasmania.

At every page the reader is exposed to alternative ways of viewing the world, often disturbing, sometimes strangely liberating. Menagerie of False Truths is an unforgettable work of genius that will leave you reeling.


After doing the rounds on national radio and print-press, including an hour-long interview on ABC Radio (available on podcast), Greg French is launching his first novel Menagerie of False Truths this Friday at Petrarchs Bookstore, Launceston.

A book about the human condition which confronts head on subjects like friendship and family, depression, faith, illness and autism.

The main character Jack’s world of doubts and depressions is tempered by a fascination for the natural world and a passion for fishing, wild places and literature.

The author grew up in a family that embraced the whole spectrum of autism disorders, and he draws upon his formative years, his passion for nature and his love of storytelling to deliver a delightfully quirky “factional” read.

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