For the past few years we’ve been working out the best locations to target sea trout and baitfish feeders in Tasmania’s northern estuaries, and this spring we are exciting to be guiding on them. From Stanley to the north-east tip of Tasmania, our northern coastline has dozens of medium sized rivers and small creek mouths where silver sea run trout and larger resident fish prey on migrating baitfish running the tides. The fishing is visual, exciting, and the salty trout are the hardest finding trout you can target. Casts need to be accurate and quick, but generally only a couple rod lengths away in distance. Our sea run trips are running for just five days during September and October, covering our favourite tides.  We are booking dates on a first-in basis, so if your are interested send us an email for more details including the specific dates. (Trips are ex Launceston)


Wondering what’s so cool about baitfish feeders and sea trout? Check out this short video that RiverFly guide Peter made a couple of seasons ago. It shows a couple of predatory trout laying in the shallows, charging bait as the schools run by!


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