Happy new season! The fishing is now underway in Tasmania, and it hasn’t disappointed. For the (rugged-up) sight-fishers out there, there has been some great shallow water action, with fish hunting smelt on one lowland stillwater, while the 19 Lagoons has given up really good conditioned fish already. The Fuzzle Bugger has done the trick, as usual. Fish on the streams had a late spawn, so many are still recovering, but rivers west of Deloraine have experienced higher than average rainfall for winter, which is brilliant. River catchments east of Deloraine are drier than normal, generally low and clear, but the double-weather front this week will hopefully bring rain to the east, and raise the levels. Frogs and sea trout will all begin in the next fortnight, so get excited!

Mersey and Leven: Both quite high, and experiencing regular floods. Fish are in good condition, and the next few days should be great for worm feeders.

Meander catchment: Cold water temps will hold things back for a little while, but fish are plentiful. Cormorants are stationed in parts, so expect a few less fish, but a bigger average size this season.

South Esk catchment: Autumn water levels have held all winter. The next month will be key to how the river fishes this season, and we are looking for a good dump of rain at Grey to set things up.

St Pats: Great levels for nymphing, good fish numbers

Brumbys: This year will be the second year of more regular flows, with less fluctuations. We expect good things.

Four Springs: Excellent hatch of boats and flannies :). Also great fishing in the shallows.

19 Lagoons: Good water levels, great fish condition. Plenty of ice also…

Talbots: Levels are up and down like a yo-yo, but kayak anglers have been doing very well.

Penstock: Ridiculous amount of stockies coming to hand, good way to get some runs on the board.

Tooms: Hard work.

Derwent: Sporadic sea runners have started, and will continue in between floods.

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