Whether you tie thousands of flies a year, or struggle along with one fly each session, anything that makes fly tying easier and more enjoyable is a good thing. Loon UV Fly Finish and Loon Water Based Head Cement are two products that do just this: easier, quicker tying, and none of the harmful fumes that you get from many other head cements and epoxies.

Loon Water Based Head Cement System

We’ve always used water-based head cement for our production flies, as it penetrates well, and has no toxic fumes. And in the tens-of-thousands of flies that we’ve tied, we’ve never had a head cement problem. But trust Loon to come up with an improved version: when the last drop of my old cement ran out, I was stoked to see that the Loon Water Based Head Cement is white when applied, but dries clear. The benefit for this is that fly tyers can now see where the cement has been applied, so its a lot quicker and more accurate to apply. Simple but effective!

Bruisers Bait

Bruisers Bait

Loon UV Fly Finish

UV fly finishes have been around for five or so years now, but it’s Loon who have really come to the forefront with the most effective and comprehensive range. UV fly finishes are essentially a replacement for old-school epoxies and resins, which were horrible to use. With the Loon range we get to choose from Flow, Thin or Thick viscosities, with the former perfect for nymph cases etc, whilst thin and thick are great for building up bodies. One fly where the Loon system has excelled has been on our Bruisers Baits, our whitebait pattern based on the ubiquitous Surf Candy.  Building bodies whilst trying to secure the materials along the hook shank has always been a bit trick, but the job has now become a lot easier. With a quick application of the high-viscosity Loon Flow, we can adhere the materials to the hook shank, in the desired profile, before we apply Loon Thin as the second layer. Once again Loon have made the process of fly tying easier, and more fun 🙂


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