My favourite piece of gear?

What’s the best piece of fly fishing gear you own? It’s a bloody hard question to answer! Rods and reels can be sentimental favourites, but I don’t think that makes ones of these items the best. Waders certainly come and go, and I’ve had some trusty old faithfuls, but lets face it, they all eventually die a death of a thousand leaks, leaving a bad ending to the friendship.

So where does that leave my answer? I thought the best answer would be to simply look at my worn-out chest pack, and find the oldest item of fly fishing gear on it. By implication this must surely make that item the best piece of fly fishing gear I own?

So what was it? Low and behold, it’s an eight-year old retractor, from Simms. It’s lived on the outside of two different packs for a thousand days or so, trustily holding on to my forceps. I haven’t lost a pair yet, and despite a few cracks and chips, the zinger still goes strong. So there you have it, the bit of fly fishing gear that may just be the best piece I own.

Simms fly fishing gear and apparel is now available at RiverFly 1864. Check out the Simms zinger here!

Simms Retractor (image courtesy of Manic Tackle)

Simms Retractor (image courtesy of Manic Tackle)


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