New book from Philip Weigall – Fishing Season

Fishing Season by Philip Weigall

Fishing Season by Philip Weigall

You heard it hear first – Philip Weigall has a new book coming out in August, titled Fishing Season. From the publisher:

Let Philip Weigall transport you to your favourite river with this beautifully illustrated tribute to the art of flyfishing …

As I walked back to the car, I wondered. By the trout’s standards, I’d been fishing the creek forever, catching fish that were great-great-great-grandchildren of the first I’d hooked. By my own standards, I had clocked some serious miles here. But as far as the creek was concerned, I was a blink in time.’

In Fishing Season, acclaimed author Philip Weigall deftly captures all that makes the wonderful sport of flyfishing a passion for so many. It is a reflective book, an engrossing read that captures the heart and soul of this pastime that is so full of challenges, victories, disappointments, frustrations but, most of all, quiet happiness. So join Philip as he takes you through a year in the life of a flyfisher and ponders such important questions as why an organised fly box is rarer than a ten-pound trout, why you should think carefully before offering  to net someone else’s fish, and how it is that, sometimes, the unlikeliest waters have the most to offer.

As I type, I’m actually standing by my mail-box, waiting for my pre-release copy to arrive from our source inside the publishing house responsible. A full review will be posted here within the week, so standby.

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