We’ve just received our first shipment of the new range of Hydros flylines from Orvis, and after three days on Brumbys Creek, the Meander and The Lower Macquarie, I’d have to say that the new Hydros 3D is the best textured line I’ve ever used.
Textured lines started to make an appearance a few years ago when Scientific Anglers released the Sharkskin, and Airflo released the Ridgeline. The theory is simple: by using a textured coating on the outside coating of the flyline, friction is reduced when running through the rod guides, which in turn increases the ‘shootability’ of the flyline. More cast for less effort in a nutshell.
Unfortunately the textured lines had drawbacks that descreased their appeal. The SA Sharksin shot line phenomonally, but cut your fingers, wore rod guides down, and whizzed like a zipper-sound through the guides. All of this for a retail price of $160 in some flyshops! Second cab of the rank was the Airflo Ridgelines, of which I own many. They are great – they shoot better than standard lines, and the ridges keep the line cleaner. They have a major drawback however: rollcasting. Both my Tactical Trout and my Explorer Tapers roll cast, and half-roll cast terribly, with the ridges clinging to the surface film, and anchoring the loop down. Add to this comparatively low flotation, and the Ridgelines still didn’t quite fit the bill. Enter the new Hydros 3D line.
The new Orvis Hydros 3D boasts the standard claims, and have met them with flying colours: high floatation, decreased friction from the textured coating, and slicker lubricants impregnated into the line. I’ve cast them at mayfly sippers, and used them for hopper fishing the lower Mac, and for me they’ve shot further than any other standard line I’ve had, float as well as any other line I’ve used, and roll cast well (though not quite as good as my favourite small stream line, the Rio Windcutter). Just as important is the WF Taper. The 3D features a reasonably aggressive weight forward taper, and is perfect for my new Orvis Helios rods, or any of my old fast-action Sage rods. The loop has great stability, far better than the Rio Gold’s I’ve been running, with what feels like a longer front taper and a lot less hinging when you hit the running line.
All in all this is a seriously awesome line, that I’d highly recommend whether your casting a Helios, a One, or any other medium to fast action rod. If your in Launceston feel free to drop in, and you can even borrow one of our demo lines and see for yourself. RRP $104.95, standard non-textured Hydros Power Taper & Trout Tapers $89.95
Daniel Hackett