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Overland Jack

At RiverFly1864 we believe that it’s important to do our bit for environmental and social causes. It’s one of the ways that we can give back to our customers, local community and the environment that play host to our business.

One of our major projects this season has been supporting a cool young fella, ‘Jack’, and his family, in achieving their Overland Jack fundraiser goals (see below). Jack and his support group including Simone Hackett from RiverFly 1864 left on their ambitious walk this morning, and we’d like to wish them luck, whilst thanking our industry partners The Tasmanian Walking Group (Cradle Huts) and Patagonia Australia for their generosity in donating significant goods and services to help make this happen. They are just two of many local businesses and people who chipped-in to help Jack reach his goal.


8-year-old Jack Duffy has cerebral palsy spastic quadriplegia. He cannot talk, walk, eat or even sit on his own. In 2009, his father Chris, kayaked the east coast of Tasmania over 16 days – with Jack in the kayak an hour a day. KAYAK Jack, as it became known, travelled over 6oo km raising awareness for St Giles. In 2013 and 2014, Chris and Jack turned their attention to running and RUNNING Jack was born. Chris and Jack went on to finish two marathons – with Chris pushing Jack the 42 km distance each time in a jogging pram.

The New Adventure

OVERLAND Jack will be conducted from 14th  – 19th April 2015. It involves Chris hiking the Overland Track in Tasmania, carrying 8 year old Jack on his back, we anticipate Jack will weigh close to 30kgs by April. Accompanied by a small team, OVERLAND Jack will hike 65 km in 6 days.


Overland Jack is a challenging activity primarily highlighting the area of special needs and what people with special needs are capable of achieving. It is also an awareness campaign and fundraiser for Life Without Barriers.

Life Without Barriers

Life Without Barriers is a name that reflects the aim of all of Jack’s adventures. It is also an organisation that provides local care and support services for those with disabilities, mental illness, homelessness, older Australians, refugees, youth justice, out of home care and Indigenous Australians. Essentially, everyone in the community would be likely to know someone that this organisation assists.

Follow and support Overland Jack here: Overland Jack on Facebook

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