Recommended Fly Fishing Resources

A list of our top recommended Fly Fishing resources.

Mountain Stories Volume 2 – Echoes From The Tasmanian High Country


Called a national treasure by some for a lifetime of collecting oral traditions that would otherwise have been lost, Simon Cubit has once again produced a unique series of historical musings about people, places, huts and events of the Tasmanian high country. Mountain Stories: Echoes from the Tasmanian High Country, Volume 2, is a collection of nearly 50 never before published stories, illustrated in most cases with an extraordinary range of historical photographs. Some of these stories are currently being broadcast on ABC Radio.

The Impriled Cutthroat by Greg French


With this book, Patagonia is proud to introduce a popular Australian fishing writer whose arresting travelogue traces the history and plight of wild cutthroat in Yellowstone, while highlighting other great places to fish for trout.

Mountain Stories by Simon Cubit


Mountain Stories is a fortnightly blog written by Simon Cubit from a lifetime of research and personal experiences in Tasmania’s high country. It is a unique series of historical musings about people, places, huts and events from that arc of country from the Great Lake west to the Vale of Belvoir near Cradle Mountain.

Mountain Stories: Echoes from the Tasmanian high country is a collection of over 50 of the best of the Mountain Stories series presented with a substantial amount of never-before-published material together with a large number of wonderful historical photographs. Some of these very popular stories are currently being broadcast on ABC Radio.

Australia’s Best Trout Flies Revisited

Through the generosity of some of Australia’s recognised fly fishers and fly tyers I am pleased to announce the completely new Australia’s Best Trout Flies Revisited.

This quality publication will be a presentation of thirty-four contributors and with the assistance of Rick Keam, Peter Whyte and Trevor Hawkins can be guaranteed of a ‘truly good Aussie effort’.


Australia’s Best Trout Flies Revisited is being produced to make available some of the in vogue fly patterns and worldwide angling experience of the contributors. This again will be an excellent and entertaining reference book.

Frog Call

Frog Call by Greg French
Australia’s favourite fly fishing book!

A sparkling collection of reflective, thought provoking short stories set amidst the spectacular backdrop of Tasmania’s wilderness regions and trophy Trout waters.

Mirth, passion and hope pervade this intriguing stream of tales about mateship, love, fathering, fishing, cowboy pilots, conservation and conservationists, nymphs, spinners, scruples and wild places, while beneath the surface run some of the bigger universal themes and matters that underlie our day to day existence.

The Last Wild Trout by Greg French

Waterways and wild places are always under threat from human impacts, and it is sometimes proposed that the best way to look after them is to keep people out, or at least limit use. But if people don’t engage with nature, how will they learn to care for it?

Greg French believes that fly fishers have discovered how to develop physical and spiritual connections with nature that are completely sustainable. ‘Trout are found in some of the most wild, romantic and scenically diverse habitats on Earth, and fly fishers the world over share a unique camaraderie, something universally profound and sincere. But the main reason people like me fish is because we get to closely observe and interact with trout and the natural environment. We end up seeing things other people do not.’

RIO’s Modern Spey Casting DVD

The most comprehensive film on spey casting techniques ever made. 3 disc set, including instruction from Simon Gawesworth, Ed Ward and George Cook.

The Drake Magazine

Atlantic Salmon in Quebec, Stripers, Kanon Atoll GT’s, Taimen, bonefish and heaps of trout. A great read for any Fly Fishing enthusiast.

Trout Waters of Tasmania

The a-z guide of every Tasmanian creek, river and lake. A must have – no wonder locals call it ‘the bible’! Written by Greg French.

Aquasoul DVD

Aquasoul - Two Paths, One Destination
Aquasoul is a journey via exploration, with two passionate fly anglers finding themselves in a fly fisherman’s paradise. Brett Wilson and Peter Morse have followed different paths through their fishing to arrive side by side and fish one of the world’s great wonders together. They encounter great expanses of flats fringed by the coral gardens of the Great Barrier Reef and these fish have never seen an angler, the challenges are still very real and the process of figuring and reckoning still remain. Sit back and enjoy the journey of discovery of a very unique location.

Filmed edited & produced by Benny Godfrey

Historic Tasmanian Mountain Huts


The introduction of portable dry plate cameras in the late 1870s marked the beginning of a golden age of Tasmanian landscape photography. With cameras on their backs, adventurers explored the wilds of Tasmania, recording not just the dramatic physical features they found but also the typically rough shelters of the miners, hunters, stockmen and piners who lived or worked in the bush. In this beautiful book Simon Cubit and Nic Haygarth use this rich photographic heritage as the basis for a series of extraordinary stories about human enterprise in the Tasmanian highlands.

Mountain Men

Mountain Men - Simon Cubit

Nic Haygarth and I have just completed our latest project Mountain Men: Stories from the Tasmanian high country. The manuscript has been sent off to the printer with copies available in late August.

Mountain Men is a collection of biographies of ten ‘mountain men’ who lived or worked in the Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair high country from the 1870s to the 1990s.

Mountain Men tells a history of the Tasmanian high country through the stories of ten men of the European era. It is a history as rich and complex as many of the ecosystems for which the area is known.

FlyLife Magazine

FlyLife Magazine
Order the current edition of FlyLife Australia & New Zealand, for a great update on the southern hemisphere’s leading fly fishing magazine. (Spring 2015 copy shown).

Casts That Catch Fish – Carl McNeil

Casts that Catch Fish

Essential Presentation Casts that Catch More Fish

Improve your fly casting with in-depth fly casting instruction from Federation of Fly Fishers Master Fly Casting Instructor, Carl McNeil.

Casts that Catch Fish sets the standard for fly casting DVDs, beautifully filmed in breathtaking surroundings this hour-long workshop features incredible slow-motion fly casting sequences.

Each fly cast is explained step by step in plain simple language with the assistance of slow motion and graphical overlays. These fly casts should be considered vital ammunition in the arsenal of all fly anglers of both fresh and salt water. In addition to the slack line, presentation casts McNeil covers the roll cast, Bill Gammel’s Five Essentials of good fly casting and dealing with windy conditions.

In Season Tasmania

This is an award-winning coffee-table book featuring 120 pages and more than 240 glossy images. It is an impressive 23x34cm book, printed in Tasmania on recycled and plantation sourced paper.
The basic premise for the book was to answer this question: If you could fish anywhere in Tasmania, at any time, what would the highlights be, and where would you go? We chose the best In Season fishing month-by-month, from September through April (the peak period), and photographed our trip, our experiences and our catches – rain, hail or shine. Use it as a guide, a book for daydreaming, or as a trip planner to help hit the In Season hatch you’re aiming for.

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