Sage rods – new for 09/10 available now – Xi3 and the 99

A few weeks ago I mentioned that the Sage Xi2 saltwater rod was getting a makeover this September. Great news is that the new model, the Xi3, is available for order now through the Essential Fly Fisher in Launceston (03) 6331 8944.  Expect a rod designed to pickup long casts, and redirect them with accuracy and ease. Oversize guides will be a feature, allowing the line to shoot further, and easier, whilst still remaining accurate to 2 feet—that’s within gulping distance for a giant GT or Tuna. The blank is also designed to take the huge loads that long-line pickup and directional casting changes can place on the rod. For boat-based anglers chasing serious saltwater bruisers, this is the rod for you!

A second new model, also now available for purchase is the Sage 99. These are nine foot, nine inch long rods, designed with a slow taper for European nymphing styles. This deadly style of short-line, heavy nymph fishing is very popular in Europe, and among global competition fishers. The technique has just received a great overview by Danny Spelic in the new Spring 2009 edition of FlyLife Magazine .

That’s all for now, look out for our Tasmanian fly fishing newsletter and fishing report next week.

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