We received our Inland Fishing Service annual fishing licence renewals this morning, and noticed a change in regulations…from May 2020, the lower sections of the South Esk catchment including the lower Meander, Macquarie, South Esk and Brumbys Creek will be open until the end of May. This brings these sections of lowland rivers into line with closure times on the mainland, which feature similar climatic conditions, and will offer anglers the chance of getting out in one of our most settled-weather months.

It’s hard to guess what these lowland river fisheries will fish like in May, but last season provided some clues. During quite a few inspections of the lower South Esk in May 2019, beatid mayfly continued to hatch, and we expect that great sight-nymphing conditions, along with some occasional ant falls will feature during May. Similarly on the lower Meander, where the odd dun continued to pop, sight-fishing opportunities should continue through May, with the addition of being able to target territorial browns willing to chase a baitfish imitation. The Lower Macquarie will be the most unpredictable, featuring colder flows from the Great Lake hydro scheme, but targeting undercut banks with streamers may bring out the big, territorial browns that rarely see the light of day during summer. More here https://www.ifs.tas.gov.au/the-rules/season-dates-and-times

Have a happy 2019/2020 season, it’s only one month to go 🙂


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