Fly Fishing Tasmania Hatch Chart – March 9, 2019

Ranging from highs of 8 degrees to 39 degrees in the past fortnight, the weather is dictating the fishing day-by-day. The dull and overcast days have brought on great tailing and mayfly, while the bright and hot days have resulted in mega-hopper days, or completely underwhelming days, depending on where you are! Here’s the latest hatch chart to help you hit the best fishing…

St Patricks – Good summer height, with quality fish. Patchy, look for chutes and shin-deep runs.

Esk rivers – Low, but good levels for the headwaters. Hoppers and black spinners (nousia sp.).

Meander – Great levels, and excellent mix of hopper and spinner events. A few good tiger snake hatches of late…

Brumbys – Up and down like a yo-yo.

Lake River – Solid hopper fishing

Mersey – bit low, and a victim of last seasons’ excavations in the lower stretches. Solid fish from Alum Cliffs to Parangana.

Penstock – Good damsel action

Woods – Excellent dun hatches in the last week

Arthurs – Sneakily great fishing, particularly in the northern bays.

Great Lake – Windlanes have been fishing well, fish spewing up hoppers, Mini WMD Hopper doing the trick

Pine Tier – Damsel, damsels and more damsels.

Bronte – Patchy damsel fishing.

St Clair Lagoon – More damsels and solid leapers

19 Lagoons /Fergus – Looking like no ill-effects from the fires, beyond some landscape charring in patches.

Northern Tasmanian hopper feeder. Pic by RiverFly guide Peter Broomhall

Tasmanian fly fishing hatch chart – December

On a day of wild wind, here is the latest fly fishing Tasmania hatch chart and fishing conditions (3/12/18):

Esk rivers – Coming off high and murky flood levels. Excellent mayfly and beetle activity leading up to the rain, and young fish are in great condition

St Pats – Brilliant fish quality, terrestrials are working well. Good numbers of snowflake caddis, patchy numbers in parts.

Mersey – Good early-morning Caenids, and daytime spinners and caddis. Excellent conditioned fish. Tannin-coloured flows due to rain.

Meander – Fishable above Deloraine, good hatches but patchy fishing due to cold water flows

Leven – Brilliant fish condition when levels suit

Brumbys – Predominantly stable, high and clear flows, the next few weeks should be great (subject to weather).

Talbots – Good red spinner falls.

Western Lakes – Gum beetles for the past few weeks, with spinners and damselflies also on the menu. Recent rains have resulted in very healthy fish.

Little Pine – Brilliant conditioned fish (averaging close to three pounds) and water quality

Woods – Great hatches and fish

Great Lake – Slow reports over the past fortnight

Camden Rivulet – Sadly the bulldozers have moved in, preparing the site for irrigation dam construction…

Favourite flies: Seal’s fur beetle patterns, 1864 Scruffy, Bruisers Bug and Coachman.

A perfect Tasmanian fly fishing stream



Hatch Chart – Fly Fishing Tasmania

The headwater springs have been fishing great, along the Western Tiers and North East

The big dry has continued in Tasmania, but the fishing has been great. A generally windy week has brought about some excellent terrestrial action on the creeks and rivers of the north-east and Western Tiers, with baby hoppers, thrips and willow grubs all on the menu. This is 100% sightfishing each day, which can’t be beat. The lake fishing has also been steady – Penstock has been popular, while Arthurs is producing brilliant quality fish, and the black spinners have been hatching consistently in the Western Lakes. Check out our Hatch Chart for more information, and we wish all of our customers a great Christmas.

Hatch chart Dec 11 2015