August fly tying competition winner & September competition details

The theme for the August fly tying competition was caddis, and I expected to see a lot of Stick Caddis and pupae-style nymphs among the entries. Whilst the stick patterns were popular, the winner was actually an innovative caddis emerger pattern from Harry, a local Launceston teenager. Well done Harry, your $50 voucher is waiting for you at FlyShop 1864!

Harry’s emerger features a great soft-hackle style collar, and a rusty-red body segmented with a palmered hackle of ostrich herl. I think it would be deadly on the slower pools, and perfect for the St Pat’s, North Esk and upper Meander rivers. The pattern could be fished under a dry, or swung down-and-across.

The theme for the September competition (get your entries to us by the 30th of September) is baitfish! Baitfish are often the go-to pattern during September, with spawning galaxia creating awesome wet-fly fishing opportunities in the highlands, and schools of migrating whitebait leading to exciting sea-trout fishing conditions in the estuaries… BMS style flies, Zonkers, Buggers and Fuzzle flies are all themes to work with, but remember, keep them simple to tie, and simple to use. Send us two copies of your favourite pattern, along with the details of how to fish it, and how it is tied. We look forward to seeing them! The winning entry will receive a $50 FlyShop 1864 voucher, and second place receives a $25 FlyShop 1864 voucher.

Thanks, Daniel and Simone, FlyShop 1864, 45 Cameron Street Launceston.