Fly Fishing Film Festival – Launceston 24 August

The Gin-Clear Fly Fishing Film Festival is set to return to Launceston on the 24th of August. Feature films will include Nick Reygeart’s (of The Source DVD’s) HATCH film, narrated by Tasmanian fly fishing legend, Greg French. Ecpect global fly fishing hatches, from Eastern Europe, New Zealand and England to name a few.

Also set to show will be Soulfish 2 (check out the trailer below), Fly Nation (Steelheading the Skeena River) and the slightly crazy Jazz and Fly Fishing.

NEWS JUST TO HAND – Co-inciding with the Fly Fishing Film Festival coming to town, rumour has it that a new fly shop will open it’s doors in Launceston on the 24th. We’ll be there for beers and fly tying prior to the film evening, and plan to make an afternoon of it. We’ll post the location and details as they come to hand…

HATCH DVD – Available Now

News in from our mate Nick Reygaert at Gin Clear (creators of The Source dvd’s) is that his newest series of dvd’s, titled HATCH, are just about to come off the press, and be featured at the RISE Film Festival. Greg French, one of Australia’s favourite authors is narrating the films, which documents the most amazing hatches in the world. Featured locations include the fabled English chalkstreams, the impossibly blue waters of Slovenia’s marble trout rivers, and Tasmania’s own Western Lakes. The HATCH will is available through our webshop. Enjoy.

HATCH – Fly Fishing DVD Trailer from Gin Clear Media on Vimeo.