New Sage for 2016 – Available at RiverFly 1864 from August 2015

New Sage for 2016 – Available at RiverFly 1864 from August 2015


Sage MOD – Best New Fly Rod EFFTEX 2015

I’m predicting that this taper will be the new go-to river rod for Australian anglers, and lovers of the classic SLT range. A high-performance moderate action rod, somewhere between the fast action ONE and the deep-loading CIRCA, this should be a cracking taper for hatch-driven fly fishing where a bit of extra power is needed from time to time. The MOD will be available from 2-6 weights, and uses SAGE Konnetic Technology for class-leading rod-tip tracking and accuracy. The MOD just took out the Best New Fly Rod award at the European Tackle Show for 2015.


Many creek anglers will be mourning the loss of the classic TXL range of fly rods. But never fear, the ‘LITTLE’ ONE is here. This top-of the range, ultra-light ONE again uses SAGE Konnetic Technology to deliver an ultra-thin, ultra-light specialist creek rod. Another noticeable change is to the available length. I always felt that the TXL-F rods were at their best in the 7’10’’ models; the extra length helped mend around grassy tussocks, and delivered a slightly slower taper for better line control. So I was excited to hear that the LITTLE ONE rod range are available in 0-4 weights, at a perfect length of 8’2’’.

sage-mod-fly-rod copy

New Sage MOD fly rod


There’s no-doubt that fast action rods are this decade’s new black. And for good reason – nothing beats fast-action for quick and accurate casts when sight fishing. So with this in mind, the new Generation 5 Technology BOLT rod from Sage should prove to be very popular. Available from 4 thru 8 weights, the BOLT is a mid-range ultra-fast action rod, which should prove ideal for sight fishing techniques.


Featuring the tried and tested Graphite IIIe Technology, the new PULSE is a fast action fly rod, with the usual quality fixtures, lifetime warranty and made in the USA badge as to be expected from SAGE, all for under US$500. These are great rods for anglers looking to upgrade their basic fly rod, or get into fly fishing with some quality gear that they can grow into.

Sage CLICK Series fly reels – Best New Fly Reel EFTTEX 2015

The CLICK series of reels has always been a favourite of mine. In fact, the last fish I caught this season was a cracking double-figure brown, which was a bundle of fun on my decade-old CLICK reel. So it is cool to hear that the range is getting a cosmetic and performance upgrade. Now available in Bronze, Stealth and a new Lime colour, new features include a concave spool design (for cleaner line-storage and increased capacity), a larger palming ring and an ultra-large arbor. The CLICK series of reels just took out the Best New Fly Reel award at the European Tackle Show for 2015.

Give us a call (03) 6334 8386 or drop us an email if you would like to join our customers in receiving new season rods and reels from our first SAGE 2016 shipment, which will be arriving from August 2015.