Sage Fly Rods and Reels now at FlyShop 1864

6000 Storm

6000 Storm

We’ve got SAGE!

There are heaps of changes happening at FlyShop 1864, one of the most exciting being the arrival of SAGE rods and reels. We’ve worked with Sage for many years through our guiding business, so we are bloody stoked to be an official Sage Dealer.

In the next fortnight we’ll have some of our favourite ever dry fly rods arriving, the Sage CIRCA and Sage GRACE (which also raises $50 per rod for breast cancer recovery programs). The super-fast METHOD will also be in stock, including the four and five weights which are already proving to be great Western Lakes rods, and the eight and nine weights for salt anglers: well known fly fishers Peter Morse (Sage) and Justin Duggan (Sydney Fly Fishing Tours) have both labelled this nine weight ‘phenomenal‘. The hugely popular ONE will be in stock from 3-8 weights, a rod that helps anglers of all levels cast accurately and effortlessly, whilst entry and mid-range rods will be catered for in the Approach, Response and Accel ranges. Thinking about hitting the creeks this season? Check out our three weight TXL-F’s, and compare them to the Approach and Circa for a complete look at the options.

Sage have also spent a huge amount of time researching and designing reels for over a decade now, so it is no surprise that they have some absolute rippers in the range. The new 3200 series is on its way, a fully machined large arbor reel, complete with a top-end fully sealed drag for ~$250, as well its big brother the 4200 series. Budget conscious reels are catered for with the excellent value, large-arbor 2200 series, for under $180. And if you want long-lasting quality, and a single reel that can do just about anything, then the 6000 series reels will be the train-stopping reel for you. From trout to bones to GT’s, these reels can do it all.

More than 50 Sage rods and reels will be in stock from July 21, and you are welcome to use one of our new demo rods, alongside any of our award winning Orvis rods and reels. It’s one of the perks of having a local flyshop, and we are keen to support our customers.

Thanks! Dan, Simone and Chris @ FlyShop 1864

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