Tasmania’s big wet – the current rundown!

Big news for Tasmanian fly fishers, and for Tasmania’s waterways: a big wet has just tracked down eastern Australia, arriving in Tasmania with some massive rainfall totals. Rainfall totals include more than 220mm in the headwaters of the Mersey, Meander and South Esk rivers, generating major flood levels. The North Esk is already at an all-time record height, and rising, and there is some belief that Launceston will be subjected to a one in a hundred year flood.

The Mersey River is experiencing a massive flood event, with river heights of +10 metres on the normal levels we are used to as anglers. This quick iPhone pic from RiverFly guide Peter Broomhall puts this monstrous flood in perspective: this is the Merseylea floodplain, including Hoggs Bridge which is completely submerged near the poplar trees. This same bridge is usually six metres above the waterline!

The recovery of our Hydro-lake levels is in full swing, with Great Lake and Arthurs Lake currently receiving significant inflows. Online readings show that Great Lake has received more than 350mm in the past fourteen days, with inflows peaking at an amazing 7000ML/day from Pine Lake Rivulet. The lake itself has risen closed to one metre in the last 24 hours, while Arthurs Lake has risen 800mm. There may be no better time to chase flood feeders along the edges of Great Lake, once the roads are clear and safe for travel!

IMG_2154 Mersey river flooding copy