Tasmanian fly fishing season opens tommorrow – here’s our tips


We are in for a ripper start to the season – that’s my prediction! The weather this week has been shocking, with category #2 cyclone equivalent winds yesterday, and more than 300 mm of rain in some of the catchments this week. But despite this, we are expecting some brilliant fishing as the weather moderates. The spawn-run at Arthurs Lake contained some magnificent fish, with many over three pounds and fit as a fiddle. Great Lake has been quite low for twelve months, and with shallower water comes large weedbeds and more food for the wild browns (as light penetrates the shallower depths). The last time that Great Lake sat at these levels, the fish nudged an average 3lbs. And how good are the rivers going to be: last season saw the largest average size we’ve ever seen, and as these were young age groups, we expect these ripper fish to again be dominant this season! Much the same for the Western Lakes, we’re the younger dominant fish were brilliant condition, and will continue to be the dominant year class this year. Perhaps we should call season 14/15 the year of the three pounder. Lets hope so!

Tips for opening week: Many rivers will be dropping by opening day, but the lower South Esk will be peaking during opening morning. That would make it my pick for flood fishing. The Earthworm Fly is definitely my pick for any of the rivers over the next few weeks.

Expect feisty fish in the highland lakes. Fish have benefitted from an overall mild winter, and will be on the scrounge for spawning baitfish. Our Mk2 Fuzzle Buggers are always a favourite, and the Sunset Fly is a classic for a second dropper fly. Fish against rocky and wave-beaten shorelines, or on the weedbeds.

Have a great opening week, and if you need any advice or gear (now including SAGE fly rods and reels), then give us a call. Thanks, Dan and Simone.

An early season brown trout, taken on a MK2 Fuzzle Bugger

An early season brown trout, taken on a MK2 Fuzzle Bugger

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