Tasmanian Irrigation Developments – update

Cracks are appearing in the Government’s proposed irrigation projects: not only do recreational users and the environment suffer from the proposals, but doubts are now being cast from deep within the inner sanctum of the Premier’s own government.

In May 09, the Treasury Department were the focus of a media leak, detailing the department’s own hesitations about these ‘economically unsustainable’ projects: an opinion piece from the Mercury Newpaper had all the details. And now, on the ABC’s Stateline program, the chief architect of the Food Bowl Master Plan, Jonathan West, has expressed his own major concerns with the viability of the proposed Midlands Irrigation Scheme: the full transcript of the interview is available here.

Who is left in support of the projects? The last men standing are the Premier and the Minister, looking for a golden egg six months out from an election; i’d suggest that egg is more rotten than gold.

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