Mike H, November 2016

Hi Dan,


Just wanted to thank you for everything you and Greg did to make our trip.

You’ve really opened my eyes to what’s possible in lake fishing and I learnt more

in three days than I would have in ten years of bumbling along by myself.


It’s a real pleasure to fish with someone who is as passionate about it as you and I wish

I could describe how good it feels to catch one with you looking on and offering so

much encouragement.


I’m not used to casting without much line outside the rod tip, (obviously), and it’s so embarrassing

to f..k up a cast when you’ve worked so hard to find a fish for me.

I don’t care if I miss fish on my own, but I hate letting you down.

Yesterday I was out in the backyard casting to imaginary fish with one foot of flyline

out and really thinking about accuracy.

Next time we go, I’ll be more prepared.

I’ll still panic, but muscle memory might be better.


I really enjoyed sharing the experience with Steve & James. My favourite moment of the trip was

not actually a fish I caught. The one that James caught at lunchtime that I’d spotted, and we were

all there to share it, will be the one that I remember longest I think.


Pencil me in for a Lake Ina trip next season if you’ve got space!


Mike H, November 2016