The Mersey River

A Mersey River monster, left of center, prior to hook-upMersey River – The Walls to the Cliffs

Anyone with a copy of the Spring edition of FlyLife magazine will see an article I wrote, based on a year of exploration on the Mersey River, in northern Tasmania. The article itself was a labour of love, enabling me to write about my favourite river.

 Some people might ask, why would you promote your favourite river – wouldn’t you rather keep it to yourself? For me, writing about favourite places is based on a use it or loose it mentality; you see, who is going to look after the river if it has no voice? It’s bushwalkers, kayakers, fishers and other outdoor enthusiasts that are the effective voices of the wilderness, and without these friends of the bush, the bush has no voice. 

The Walls to the Cliffs and the fish 

The Mersey River story contains an essential part of any good fishing story: A big fish yarn. For all those doubters out there, I thought I might post a couple photos of the cannibal resident, at pre and post hook-up. Enjoy the photos (kindly supplied by Greg French)…don’t get drool on your keyboard.

 monster, post-hookup.

 That’s a serious looking fish, even in five-foot depth of water!

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