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A brace of Black and Peacock spiders

A brace of Black and Peacock spiders

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Course content

The courses have been structured to enable all skill levels to participate, and to teach take-away skills for tying better flies, and tying them easier. Some of the topics covered will include:

– Technique for tying durable bodies with peacock herl

– Tricks for tying deer-hair and Possum Shaving Brush ‘wings’ for better flotation and fish-catching

– Technique for tying in durable, non-slip parachute hackles

– Techniques for tying easy ‘porcupine’ hackles – the easy high-viz alternative to parachute hackles.

– Tying with deer-hair – bullet-heads and the WMD

– Correct techniques for tying with foam – glue, legs and the Chernobyl Ant

– The rules for using colour and UV reflective materials in flies

The course will cover many more topics along the way, and the day-to-day techniques that may be troubling you (such as dubbing!) will be covered through the course of tying the featured flies.

There’s no better thrill than catching a fish on a fly of your own design. Come and join us to learn more about how to do it.

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