Big fish and dry flies – Tasmanian fishing report

The past week has been a ripper time for hitting the rivers and streams. We’ve seen all species of riverine mayfly starting to hatch – big red spinners on Brumbys, Leven and Mersey, big and small black spinners on the South Esk, Meander and Mersey, and even early morning caenids.

Fish size has also been the talk of the town. Young fish and old fish alike are fat as butter – my favourite destination has been the Top Weir at Brumbys Creek, where we had shots at fish over five pounds last Saturday, all snaffling beetles amongst hovering red spinners. The fish pictured below was one of the bigger fish from the weekend, weighing at 5lbs. To give you some perspective, the net has a 600mm diameter…

Best flies? Pheasant tail red and black spinners, Scruffys, Possum Shaving Brush and small seal’s fur beetle patterns.

Brumbys Fish October 2014


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