Everyone asks, ‘where’s your favourite place to fly fish?’. It’s a hard question to answer, and a few places come to mind: the Western Lakes wilderness fishery, the South Esk River flowing at 130 mg/day, or Weir One at Brumbys Creek during high flows. These are all brilliant options, and at the top of my list. But its Weir One, or the ‘Top Weir’ as locals know it, that I’ve fished the most-400 days+.

What’s so good about Weir One? It’s easy to answer: clear water, 3lb fish and reliable hatches of size 10-12 mayfly. These days we are at the mercy of un-predictable hydro flows, that disregard any recreational uses of the area, but stay tuned to the flow rates and levels on hydro.com.au, and hit the Top Weir when the levels are at 0.3metres and rising. You may polaroid the largest trout you’ve ever seen, or see the most spectacular cartwheeling rises imaginable. Either way it will open up a door to some brilliant sight-fishing opportunities just 30 minutes from Launceston.

For more information, read Daniel Hackett’s FlyLife Magazine article ‘Brumbys Creek’.

Brumbys Creek Weir One