Tasmanian fly fishing update 11/01/2020

Happy new year!

Summary: The small streams of the east feature low and clear flows, with plenty of sight fishing to single dries. The menu has been mixed, with caddis and the first hoppers of the season, though soldier beetles have been making appearances. Into the midlands and further west, damsels are a consistent target for better than average trout, and since flowing at medium & clear flows for the past week, red spinners are also hatching along with morning Caenids at Brumbys Creek. The Meander has great flows, and fishing the upper reaches, particularly between Meander and Huntsman Dam has been popular. The Mersey on the otherhand is very low, though will grub feeders are about.

It’s been all about gum beetles on the Central Highlands, with ‘shark fishing’ proving effective on Great Lake, while the Western Lakes has been a great mix of beetles and mayfly.  Arthurs Lake has been fishing exceptionally, with the northern bays producing good fish and numbers since early December, which is great news. 15mm of rain over the weekend will ensure continued good fishing across the plateau.

Hatch Chart

St Patricks & North Esk rivers – Good low flows, very clear most days. Early morning to about 2pm is best, or just before dark. Look for patches of hoppers or forest.

Brumbys Creek – Some classic sight fishing since the 5 of January, when water flows increased. Think tailing crossed with mayfly sippers! Great shallow-water moochers averaging 2 ¾ lbs, with fish to 5lbs and better hooked. Damsels, emergers and spinners are all working, depending on the individual fish.

Meander – Good fishing upstream from Meander. Big fish down low are looking for hoppers, and a boost in river flows has been well timed.

South Esk and Mersey – Running low now, will need 40mm of rain to really get going again. Fish were very good condition going into Christmas.

Arthurs – back to some if its best, with good shallow water fishing in the northern bays. Fish to 3lbs, and good numbers of fish overall.

Great Lake – Excellent shark fishing, gum beetles on the menu. Morning midges.

Western Lakes – Excellent polaroiding conditions, great water levels, and very solid fish since just after Christmas. Black spinners and gum beetles.

Cradle Mountain area – Small streams have good fish numbers, but sporadic cold weather. Should have a ripper late summer and autumn.

Fly fishing Tasmania

Hopper feeder, Tasmania


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