Summer has seen a steady mix of heat and rain, producing great fishing conditions across the board. It’s been dry fly conditions just about everywhere, though a few die-hard nymphers are still luring up big numbers amongst pocketwater on the Meander and Leven.

Mayfly, damselflies, terrestrials and tailers. You name it, we’ve had it 🙂

Hatch Chart

Mersey – Excellent terrestrial fishing. Huge caterpillar falls on the very hot days, otherwise the 1864 Damsel has been an exceptional fly.

North Esk & St Pats – Best in very hot conditions, with caterpillars falling from the eucalypts. Mini WMD’s have been very effective. Good river levels.

Meander – Hoppers and damsels down low, with a solid Euro-nymphing hatch up top around Meander. Try the new angler access between Meander and Lake Huntsman.

South Esk – Marginal levels currently, but should be perfect for autumn.

Brumbys Creek – Alternating between low and medium levels, with good water conditions. Unbelievable fish condition, 1864 Glister Brush proving extremely effective along with red spinners and damsels.

Cradle Mountain – Running hot and cold with the weather, but good numbers of small fish this season.

Penstock – Popular, and producing predictable fishing with solid browns

Arthurs – Having a brilliant year, particularly among the northern bays and shallows.

19 Lagoons – Excellent tailing in overcast conditions among the Little Pine system.

Western Lakes – Great year for big fish. Good water levels, black spinners and terrestrials doing the trick.

Stay tuned to our IG page, we’ll post some pics of the Glister Brush for those who aren’t familiar with them.

Sight fishing success for 96 year old Jack on Brumbys Creek!



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