Fly fishing Tasmania – March mini-report

March 2, 2011 mini-report:

Autumn is here, and so are the autumn mayflies. Black spinner and beatids are beginning to show on the Lower Macquarie, Brumbys, South and North Esk, and St Patricks Rivers. Our Pheasant Tail Black Spinner has been the best pattern, though the Shaving Brush has also been reliable. Hoppers are around in sporadic numbers (typically on the warmer days), with action on the Lower Macquarie and South Esk – as per usual, the WMD Hopper has been our best pattern. Both raft fishing and wade fishing have been great during periods of stable weather.

 Ants have also made an appearance last week, on the Lower Mac and Brumbys, where sippers were undone with CDC F Flies.

Most rivers are running at great heights, though the Meander River is unpredictable at present.

Late dun hatches have continued through to late February on Penstock and others, as has general dry fly fishing during bright spells on the plateau. Recent snow on the mountains will see a drop in water temperature, and fish move to shrimp-beds.

If you are keen for some dry fly fishing and mayfly hatches on the rivers, then now and the next two months is the time. Just drop us an Email

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  • Henk Koster March 11, 2011  

    Been good to follow blog,, thanks for taking the time to share experience with others.