Fly Fishing Tasmania – mini report


Lower Macquarie and Brumbys Creek are fishing well, with high and clear water during the weekdays in particular. The fish are in superb condition, averaging a shade over 2lbs, all on dry flies (raft fishing these waters should be on every angler’s ‘bucket list’). The two Esks are also fishing well, with high flows from recent rains. The St Pats and smaller creeks have colder than normal water-temps, however dries and nymphs are effective. The Meander is still dirty from a land-slip caused by clearfelling in the headwaters (State Forest), and it is not known when it will clear. Hoppers have begun, with our WMD Hopper claiming some good catches during the past week. Mayfly will also increase in numbers again, as the month progresses.We are expecting excellent hatches during March and April. Sight-fishing the Western Lakes has been below average in general, caused by the unusual weather patterns this year. The bonus is average sizes measuring 30% above average years, so bright polaroiding weather (when it comes) has yielded trout to 6lbs on the dry this season.

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