The Tasmanian weather has been wet and mild since Christmas, with La Nina playing the prominent influence along with regular easterly patterns. The result has been atypical fishing and hatches; we’ve focused on tailers and terrestrial feeders on the rivers and lakes, and done pretty well. All fishing has been on the dry, with our 1864 Blue Damsel, Scruffy and Mini-WMD Hoppers being our regular successful go-to patterns. The rivers have excellent levels currently, and many of the lakes are flooded back into the marshes, which has been brilliant. All the fish we are catching are fat as butter, some up to a pound heavier than normal.

Esk rivers: Great headwater fishing with caddis and baetid mayflies

Mersey: Early mornings have been reliable, currently high levels waiting to drop back to fishable.

Meander: Solid terrestrial fishing after a big flush last week.

Brumbys Creek: Solid medium flows, afternoon leapers. Good head of young fish this year

Great Lake: Top-notch early morning midge feeders.

Bradys Chain: Having a great year, with particularly large fish coming from one of the lakes (we’ll let you find out which one 😊).

Arthurs: Shallow bays are fishing well. Deep weed beds have been mostly unproductive.

Western Lakes: Everyday has been different this summer, but high levels are producing very fat fish, and great tailing. Soldier beetles have been an unusual item on the menu in the past fortnight.

Little Lake, Penstock and Pine Tier Lagoon: Great if you like lots of humans 🙂

Must have flies: 1864 Damsel, Pheasant Tail Spinner, Glister Tag, Mini WMD Hopper

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