Tasmanian fly fishing hatch chart

19 Lagoons – Fish have switched from frogs to mayfly nymphs. Little Pine River system is fishing ok, with good conditioned fish, but a little hit and miss according to weather systems.
Arthurs Lake – The return and rise of Arthurs has continued this season, with plenty of solid 2lb fish now coming to hand in the old haunts. Cowpaddock and similar areas had solid frog feeders earlier in the month, and fish are switching to mayfly nymphs as the mid-November hatches near.
Penstock – Predictable Penstock, with consistent fishing.
Little Pine Lagoon – Little Pine has had one of the best spring-times in recent years, with fish tailing hard on scud up until mid October. Fish condition is unbeatable, and browns to six pounds have been landed.
Four Springs – ‘Duns crawling on duns’ was one description. The water quality has been stable, and the fish are in excellent condition.
South Esk – Just coming off a flood, and the mayfly have begun. Should be cracking by next week as levels recede.
Mersey – Mayfly are well and truly on, and the river is almost back to normal levels after recent rains. Patchy according to location.
St Patricks – Crystal clear, and an increase in water temps will bring full-strength hatches on over the next week. Afternoons have been best, coinciding with peak temperatures.
North Esk – Receding to good heights, and clear flows.
Brumbys Creek – A nervous wait for hydro flows to start for the season. Expecting good things after a blinder of a season last summer. Currently very low flows.

Favourite flies for the past week: The Ostrich Herl Nymph has earnt its weight in gold this week, un-doing nymphing fish (sight fished) in the Nineteen Lagoons. Down on the rivers, and the 1864 Scruffy has been a great allrounder along sections of slower flows and feedlines.

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